We have a history as rich and colorful as our hummus flavors, filled with twists and turns that have made us who we are today.


April 3

Pacific Coast Fruit Co. Partnership

Pacific Coast Fruit Co. Partnership
2023 marked a significant chapter in our story, as we joined forces with Pacific Coast Fruit Company (PCF), a Portland-based independent produce wholesaler and distributor. This partnership was a natural fit, with shared values and culture across the board. Now, with the third generation of PCF leadership joining the King..Read More
July 17

The Drive-Thru

The Drive-Thru
King Harvest began operating the now beloved drive-thru, occupying the entire building for manufacturing and wholesale operations, which is where we are today!
October 23

From Juice to Hummus

From Juice to Hummus
After two fruitful decades, King Harvest gradually shifted its focus from juice to hummus. Since then, our hummus offerings have multiplied, while the memory of our juice era remains sweet and nostalgic. 
June 23

15th and Morrison

King Harvest relocated to 15th and Morrison, evolving into a hub for juice production. Fresh juice, wheat grass, pita pocket sandwiches, and, of course, our signature hummus, graced the shelves of many grocery stores around the Portland area. Our iconic carrot logo, a nod to our humble juice-making origins, became..Read More
September 14

The Journey Begins

King Harvest’s journey began when it found its roots nestled at the corner of 24th and Ankeny. Back then, it was a quaint hippie grocery store, a haven for all things healthy, from Macrobiotic to Organic – way before eating that way took a foothold in the culture.

We strive to continue to be the go-to hummus...

That prioritizes meticulous preparation, punctual delivery, and care to ensure that every customer and dedicated team member we engage with feels excited, delighted, and a sense of belonging to our shared neighborhood.