The classic, nutty, buttery taste of the garbanzo. A traditional delight.   


A burst of citrus sunshine. Bright and zesty.

Roasted Garlic

Rich, robust, and irresistibly savory.


Green and nutrient-packed, herbaceous, and earthy. 

Black Olive

An umami-rich taste with a hint of saltiness and distinctive olive tang.  


Smoky heat with a creamy twist. A fusion of spicy and savory flavor with a subtle smokiness. 

Roasted Pepper

The smoky sweetness of fire-roasted red peppers with a vibrant red hue.

Sundried Tomato

Vibrant zest, enlivened by the sun.

Toasted Onion

Savory, distinct, and aromatic.

Toasted Sesame

The distinctive taste of sesame. A warm, fragrant experience.


Bold and tangy with slightly sweet notes of balsamic vinegar.


Just the perfect punch, not too hot, not too mild.