Where is King Harvest Hummus made? 

We’ve been making hummus in our Portland, OR location for almost 40 years!

Is your hummus suitable for vegans and vegetarians? 

Absolutely! Our hummus is a plant-based delight.

What if your favorite flavor isn’t available at your store?  

If you’re missing out on your preferred flavor at your local store, fear not! Your best course of action is to request it from the store directly. Many stores are willing to accommodate their customers by placing special orders. For the most extensive selection, you’ll find that both Fred Meyer and New Seasons typically carry a wide variety of our flavors and are open to special orders.  

Alternatively, if you’re in the neighborhood or just looking for a fun adventure, swing by our drive-thru at 1502 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR 97214! We offer all 12 delightful flavors right here, and we’d love to have you drop by and stock up!

Do you offer hummus in different sizes or bulk options? 

You bet we do! Swing by our drive-thru or give us a call at (503) 317-1413 to find out more.

How long does the hummus keep? 

If hummus is unopened and kept in a 38 degree (or colder) refrigerator it will last at least a week past the pull date. It’s best to consume within 5 days of opening for maximum taste and freshness. 

I want your hummus at my wedding/big party! Is that possible? 

Absolutely, we’d be honored to hummus-tify your big day! We’ll make it a hummus celebration you won’t forget. Shoot us an email or give us a call at (503) 317-1413 and we’ll chat about all the delicious details.

Does your hummus contain any allergens? 

The most common allergen is sesame- all our hummus contain tahini (ground sesame seeds). But a few people have mentioned being sensitive to garlic which all our flavors also contain in the spice mix.

Does your hummus contain garlic? 

Yes, all our flavors contain garlic granules, which are a part of our spice mix.  

Does your hummus contain oil? 

The following King Harvest Hummus flavors do not contain oil: regular, lemon, black bean, and chipotle.  Where flavors and textures are enhanced by using oil, we use non-GMO Canola Oil as indicated on the packaging. 

Can you freeze it? 

You absolutely can! Upon thawing, you’ll notice the oil might separate and rise to the surface, requiring a good stir to blend it back in. While freezing may slightly alter the fresh taste, interestingly, some of our loyal customers actually enjoy the frozen version.  

Are your containers recyclable? 

The containers are a #5 plastic and are recyclable. Acceptance may vary depending on your regional garbage/recycling rules. 

Can I bring my own container, and have it filled at the window? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal containers in our wholesale facility. 

Got another question or special request? Shoot us an email! We’re here, and we’re on it!