Frequently Asked Questions

Does your hummus contain oil?

Yes, most of our hummus spreads contain non-GMO Canola Oil. The ones that do not
contain any oil are Lemon, Regular & Chipotle.

Does your hummus contain garlic?

Yes, all our flavors contain garlic granules, which are a part of our spice mix.

Does your hummus contain any allergens?

The most common allergen is garlic, but a few people have mentioned being sensitive to sesame–all our hummus contain tahini (ground sesame seeds).

What if my preferred store does not carry a specific flavor? Where can I get all the flavors?

It’s best to request your preferred flavor at your local store; often a store can special order for their customers. Most Fred Meyers and New Seasons carry the widest variety of flavors and can special order with us. We sell all 12 flavors at our factory, come say hi and stock up if you’re in the neighborhood!

How long does the hummus keep?

If hummus is unopened and kept in a 38 degree (or colder) refrigerator it will
last at least a week past the pull date. It’s best to consume within 5 days of opening for maximum taste and freshness.

Do you use any preservatives?

Only natural preservatives in our hummus aka lemon and salt.

Can you freeze it?

You absolutely can! When thawing, the oil will settle to the top and you’ll need to stir to reincorporate it. You may lose some of the “fresh” taste after freezing, but some of our regulars claim they love to freeze it.

Are your containers recyclable?

The containers are a #5 plastic and are recyclable. Acceptance may vary depending on your regional garbage/recycling rules.

Can I bring my own container, and have it filled at the window?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal containers in our wholesale facility.

Got another question? Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you lickety split 🙂